CLI Commands

115 is the CLI command that comes with this package. There are two sub-commands:

  • 115 down: for downloading files
  • 115 up: for creating tasks from torrents and links


115 mainly handles authentication and getting account information. The default action is to attempt to authenticate the API through one of ways discussed later.


115 needs to be authenticated every time it is invoked. You can pass username to -u option, and you will be prompted for password without echoing. Note that if cookies is enabled (discussed in the next section), it will bypass any specified username (-u yourname) or section (-d section) and use the cookies instead.

$ 115 -u yourname

If you don’t want to be prompted for password every time, set the credential file and section. If the section is other than default, you specify the section name with -d:

$ 115 -d section_name

Using cookies

You can use cookies to enable persistent session. The cookies file is ~/.115cookies. If this file exists, 115 down and 115 up will automatically use cookies. Otherwise, you have to save the cookies first using the -c option:

$ 115 -d section_name -c
Cookies is saved.
$ 115 down -t
API has logged in from cookies.

If using the default section (default), -d can be omitted:

$ 115 -c
Cookies is saved.

If you do not want to use cookies any more, simply remove the ~/.115cookies file.

Account information

-i option can be used to print account information:

$ 115 -i
User ID: 1234567
Used storage: 1.0 GiB
Total storage: 30 TiB
Task count: 10
Task quota: 1000

Debug mode

-D can enable debug by setting the effective log level to DEBUG:

$ 115 -D -i
   TYPE: Response
   FUNC: has_logged_in
  STATE: False
CONTENT: {'state': False, 'message': ''}

API has logged in from cookies.
  TYPE: Request
  FUNC: _req_get_storage_info
PARAMS: {'ac': 'get_storage_info', '_': '12345678', 'ct': 'ajax'}

115 down

115 down is for listing tasks and downloading files and directories in the default downloads directory (u115.API.downloads_directory/.

Listing tasks

Use -t to list task. The result output will contain a list of numbered tasks, each with status, size and name. The tasks are reversely ordered by creation time.

$ 115 down -t
1 [TRANSFERRED] [3.2 GiB] <Task: [Airota&DHR&Mony][Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita][1280x720]>
2 [TRANSFERRED] [3.7 GiB] <Task: [CASO][Kill_Me_Baby][01-13][GB_BIG5][1280x720][x264_AAC]>
3 [TRANSFERRED] [38.1 GiB] <Task: Shinryaku Ika Musume>

Downloading files

The default behavior of 115 down is to list entries (defaults to 30 entries) in the default downloads directory.

$ 115 down
1 <Directory: [AirotaDHRMony][Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita][1280x720]>
2 <Directory: [CASO][Kill_Me_Baby][01-13][GB_BIG5][1280x720][x264_AAC]>
3 <Directory: Shinryaku Ika Musume>
4 <Directory: [Kamigami] Psycho-Pass 01-22 [1280x720 x264 AAC Sub(Chi,Jap)]>

To list more entries than default, pass a number to the -n option:

$ 115 down -n 60

To further list contents in a numbered entry:

$ 115 down 1
<Directory: [AirotaDHRMony][Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita][1280x720]> (13 out of 13)
     1 [291.2 MiB] <File: [Airota&amp;DHR&amp;Mony][Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita][01][1280x720][x264_AAC].mp4>
     2 [277.5 MiB] <File: [Airota&amp;DHR&amp;Mony][Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita][02][1280x720][x264_AAC].mp4>

To download all items of the specified entry, pass star (*) as the second arguments after the entry number.

$ 115 down 1 \*
$ 115 down 1 '*'

To download only one, or a range of items of the specified entry, use a number or range of numbers, like in the following examples.

Download the first item:

$ 115 down 1 1

Download item 2 and 4:

$ 115 down 1 2,4

Download items 1 to 8:

$ 115 down 1 1-8

Download a combination of items:

$ 115 down 1 1,3-4,6,9-12

The default downloading behavior is keeping the directory structure. If you want to flatten the directory, pass the -f switch. This will download everything of this entry into the current working directory without creating any directories:

$ 115 down -f 1 `*`

If you want to print the files to be downloaded instead of really downloading them, use -s option to make a dry run.

$ 115 down -s 1 \*

115 up

You can create either BitTorrent or URL tasks using 115 up.

To create a BitTorrent task, pass the torrent path to -t. If the task is succesfully created, its name and status will be printed.

$ 115 up -t ~/torrents/Mangaka-san.torrent
Task is successfully created.
[WOLF][Mangaka-san][01-12+OVA01-06][GB][720P][END] BEING TRANSFERRED

To create a URL pass, pass the link to -l:

$ 115 up -l 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih...announce'
Task is successfully created.
[WOLF][Mangaka-san][01-12+OVA01-06][GB][720P][END] BEING TRANSFERRED